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Part 3 - the last of the links to unique and must read blogs from my MA Professional Writing peers.

September 20, 2014
I need to write this post today. Not only because it will take my mind of the itching that's driving me mad, though that's a bonus. (The itching is caused by meds I need to take after having dental surgery a few days ago. It was bad enough when they made me stupid and sleepy, now add hive-ridden to that list!)

Having lost most of Saturday to the sleep monster I need to feel inspired, awed, and motivated, three things that are guaranteed when I delve into the minds of my fabulous MA writing peers.

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Anita MacCallum kicks us off with her frank voice and thoughtful opinions, wrapped up in the cleverly titled Louder Than Words. Her eclectic blog content is often deep, sometimes potty-mouthed, and always interesting. I carve out both time and emotional space to read her work because quite simply it deserves nothing less. If I can ever become even half the writer Anita is I'll be happy.

Next on the menu is a generous serving of Tolkien. Many of us are familiar with The Hobbit but James goes well beyond that. A Tolkienist's Perspective is a comprehensive collection of reviews, ideas and opinions relating to both the man himself and his varied body of work. Perfect for beginners and avid fans alike, James' knowledge of and devotion to the subject is obvious. I have great respect for the passion, imagination and engaging writing style necessary to sustain and grow a blog for more than a year. Congratz James.

Archie (aka The Archieness)

It's not often that you come across a dog that has opinions on everything from politics to personal grooming, which is what make The Archieness such a good read. Archie openly invites the reader into his life and then proceeds to charm the pants of them with his humorous stories and insights. His lack of modesty, ('I know I'm handsome'), is used to good effect when forging relationships with humans, and his unabashed use of what nature gave him is a major part of his appeal. I look forward to hearing more from this Internet star in the making.

These days I read greedily, devouring as much good writing as I can cram in, I love the learning aspect of this obsession, but equally I strive towards reaching the same level of skill myself one day. Anna Bianchi - Courageous and Creative Living easily deserves a place on the gourmet reader's menu. Her evocative prose touches me in a way very little else does. Perhaps it's the raw emotion, the unapologetic honesty or the vitally important issues that she raises? I really don't know. All I am sure of is that Anna has a magical gift I feel compelled to share with the world.

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The final shout out goes to the creator of Cornish Rock Pools, Heather B. There's no need to explain the focus of her website, which is crammed full of well organised information, news and 'how to's'. Heather's comprehensive knowledge and expertise in this area shines through, making this a truly invaluable resource for locals and visitors alike.

I hope you enjoyed this post, the last of three showcasing some of the websites and blogs of my peers on Falmouth University's MA in Professional Writing. Please do check them out, and share this post where you can.


MA Professional Writing - more about my fabulous peers

September 17, 2014
I'm an active member of several Facebook groups, but the one I love the most is the magical space carved out by (all but one) of my MA cohorts. It's crammed full of creative ideas, information on all sorts of stuff and lots of fun.

We are currently hurting towards another deadline, having worked all summer on creating or enhancing an online brand/identity, and the standard of work being produced is inspiring. In a previous post I linked to three of the websites my peers have created, and now I...

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MA Professional Writing - showcasing my talented peers (part 1)

September 13, 2014
Ever heard the saying 'you don't know what you don't know until you learn about what you didn't know and then you know that you know it'?

Perhaps not, considering it hardly trips off the tongue.Still, as someone who has spent most of her working life learning on the job I really appreciate the concept. It's this that drives me to strengthen my knowledge base, to improve on whatever I do alongside actually doing it.

That's why I signed up for an MA in Professional Writing through the University ...
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Pictures from summer in the UK

August 31, 2014
Tomorrow I return to work after the usual long break between the spring and autumn semesters.) I am always excited about meeting new students and getting back into a routine, but not so keen on the prospect of cooler weather ahead.

When memories of my fabulous six weeks in the UK start to fade I'll be coming back to this post. It will remind me just how lucky I am to have amazing friends and family on both sides of the world.

Food: because it's a treat to eat things I don't usually see

 Costa Co...

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Re-entering orbit - things I'd forgotten about Korea

August 13, 2014
Six weeks. Less than 50 days spent out of South Korea and it feels like I have been away more like six years!

Here are just a few of the things that I'd forgotten about while I was away:
  • the toilet is way low. The sinks in the bathroom and kitchen are the same. I need a strategy to avoid the backache that washing dishes brings on.
  • I can't flush loo paper. (Mind, I spent the first few days in the UK fishing it out of people's bathroom bin so this will feel normal again pretty soon.)
  • people tend to...

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Air France - my first experience

July 30, 2014
As part of my quest for new experiences I chose to make my much anticipated annual Seoul - UK trip with Air France, rather than my usual Seoul - Amsterdam - Teesside journey with KLM. The switch was sparked by niggling concerns over the future of Durham Tees Valley, (the airport just a couple of miles from my UK base), leaving Newcastle as the only, and slightly less convenient, alternative.

Intensive Googling left me with two carrier options, British Airways and Air France. With similar fligh...
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Recording happy days

June 16, 2014
I enjoy following the photographic records of #100happydays that so many of my friends are collating on Facebook, although I will probably never sign up for the project myself.

The reason?

It's pretty simple. As I saw more and more people make a positive effort to record the good stuff in their daily lives I realised that I already notice that stuff. I did used to wonder if I was:

a bit weird for experiencing child-like joy at simple pleasures


unusual in noticing the small things that create t...
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The Sewol Disaster

June 7, 2014
I haven't posted anything new to my blog since the devastating Sewol ferry tragedy. It has been such an overwhelmingly sad few weeks, and something that has changed the way a lot of people here think about things: well the foreigners at least.

Safety awareness isn't a priority.

I smile now when I recall asking my very first boss here when I would get the expected health & safety induction. I had no idea then that such things generally don't exist here in South Korea. In the seven years and seve...
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A fabulous blog about frugal living

April 11, 2014
Blog snob?

There are few blogs that I find interesting enough to bookmark and actually visit regularly, so it's always a treat to find something that catches my attention.

Money talks!

I've never been particularly motivated by money, but planning for life post global nomadism has put finances firmly on my agenda. I made a decent start to 2014 by actually applying for a tax refund. It was worth trading some of my sanity to battle with several Korean websites to get a little cash back from the gov...
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Weeks 7 - 12

March 23, 2014

Weeks 7 – 12

I haven't updated the staycation section for several reasons.

1.    I was really busy from weeks 7-10 as my good friend Rebecca got ready to leave Korea. Every day seemed to be a whirl of running around doing chores, or making memories.

2.    After she left I felt too sad to write about it. (Miss you Beckster.)

3.    I started my M.A. in Professional Writing. (Which will definitely get its own blog post or section.)

4.    The weather was wonderful, actually warmer in February than ...

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